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For each sale of the Codisweb website creation service, you receive simple, clear and effective remuneration!

Do you know a professional who needs to promote their business? Recommend Codisweb to them and earn €150 compensation.

Codisweb is a leading communications agency for the self-employed, retailers and SMEs.
Today we’re offering you the chance to help the entrepreneurs around you boost their visibility. Everyone can recommend Codisweb.

Who is sponsorship for?

  • If you’re a professional or an individual and you’d like to help a company in your circle to become better known, you can become a Codisweb sponsor!
  • All Belgian entrepreneurs can be sponsored. Whether it’s your accountant, your hairdresser, your electrician, or even one of your colleagues who has set up his own business.
  • If someone you know is just starting up or already has a business, you can sponsor them to Codisweb.
  • The only condition is that the sponsor must be an entrepreneur in Belgium.

How can you take part?

To recommend Codisweb to a professional, simply fill in the form on this page. You will then receive a confirmation email and we will call your contact to give them personalised advice. And if they choose to use Codisweb to create their website, we’ll offer them all maintenance costs for a year, worth €360, and we’ll transfer €150 directly to your account.

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As a sponsor, I will receive a commission of €150 for each referral who subscribes to a professional website creation service with the Codisweb agency. For the commission to be granted, the referral will have to sign a contract with Codisweb and choose a one-off payment, with no possibility of opting for a monthly package.

Each commission granted to the sponsor is triggered as soon as the contract is accepted and signed by the sponsored child. At this point, the Codisweb agency will ask you for your bank details in order to pay you the €150 bonus.

As a referral recommended by a sponsor and subscribing to a website creation service with Codisweb, you will benefit from full monthly maintenance worth €360 for a period of one year from the date of delivery of your online project. This service includes updates to your site, checking for any broken links or forms, and checking the SSL key to ensure the security of your website.

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