A working process for a successful project

6 steps

These six stages provide a general framework for our working process with a customer. It is important to note that each project may have specific needs and additional steps depending on its complexity and objectives. Ongoing communication between the web agency and the client is essential throughout the process to ensure the success of the project.

processus de travail méthodologie de travail chez Codisweb avec le client

1. First contact

Contact with our future customers is essential if we are to understand their needs and objectives.

2. Analysis & strategy

This is a crucial stage which involves analysing the market and the competition in order to have a clear vision of the customer's positioning.

3. Planning

The idea of this stage is to come up with a design, but also to provide all the information needed to make the project a success.

4. Development

Let's get on with creating the project, using the previous steps in parallel with the customer's request.

5. Launching the project

Once completed, and with the customer's agreement, the project will be shared and put online in accordance with the protocols.

6. Adjustment

The last sprint consists of fine-tuning the project with the customer in order to rectify certain information or functionalities if necessary.

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