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Attract your target audience with an effective strategy


SEO improves your ranking in search engine results, which means that more potential customers will discover your website.

Credibility and trust :

Highly ranked sites are perceived as more reliable by users, reinforcing your company's credibility.

Return on investment

Compared with paid advertising, SEO offers a sustainable, long-term return on investment. It generates organic traffic without ongoing advertising costs


In the right place, at the right time, with the right content

Attracting quality traffic

A well-referenced site is more likely to convert its visitors into customers. People who find the site via a search are often more inclined to take a desired action, such as making a purchase or requesting contact.

Increase traffic to the site

Position yourself at the top of search results. Significantly increase the visibility of your site, attract qualified traffic and maximise your conversion potential.

Increase your turnover

By being the first company your potential customers discover, you significantly increase your chances of conversion, which translates into a substantial increase in your sales.


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Our SEO expertise is aimed at all companies or individuals with a website who want to increase their online visibility. A non-optimised website is invisible and therefore difficult to find on the web.

Codisweb is here to help you by analysing the market and your competitors. We develop a strategy based on optimising the site, making it lighter. In addition, we review each piece of content in order to optimise it for user queries on search engines.

It all depends on your website, your sector of activity, your target location and your competitors. In general, results can start to appear after 15 to 30 days, depending on the responsiveness of Google’s algorithms.

At Codisweb, we implement your SEO strategy in two essential stages.

In the first instance, we immerse ourselves in your business, identify your strengths and establish your web marketing objectives to identify various opportunities for growth on Google. Where necessary, we optimise images and streamline your website, bringing it into line with the standards set by Google.

We then select the most relevant keywords for each page, using volumetric analyses based on user searches according to various criteria.

This approach ensures that your website is optimally visible in search engines, guaranteeing the success of your pre-defined objectives.

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